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Modular Cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom

Precision Cleanrooms has been implementing world-class modular clean room solutions for a diverse customer base since 1989. We offer full-service turnkey modular cleanroom installations from concept to creation. Our team has many years of experience in designing and constructing hardwall cleanroom environments for a wide range of industries and markets. Our team’s combined knowledge base and skill set brings you business-specific modular cleanroom solutions with flexibility, scalability, time-sensitive installation and a performance guarantee.

Precision Cleanrooms Modular Clean Room Benefits

  • Modular Design & Assembly – Our hardwall cleanrooms are designed and pre-fabricated using customer-provided protocols and specification. A site supervisor maintains clean on-site assembly and efficient installation. Our installation crews travel nationwide and construct your modular cleanroom to predetermined schedules until the modular cleanroom project is complete through certification. Our goal is to design and construct modular cleanrooms to enhance your business productivity.
  • Expandable Structures – Our cleanrooms are truly modular and can be expanded or modified as needed with minimum downtime and interruption to your business activity.
  • Cleanroom Customization – We off­er ISO Class 3 clean rooms to ISO Class 8 clean rooms, as your specifications require, with cleanroom certification services available. Our seismic-zone rating and structural integrity will meet or exceed the building requirements for your city and state.
  • Turnkey Offering – Our business model caters to comprehensive projects addressing all 17 construction divisions. Our interactive design philosophy allows us to deliver hardwall cleanroom solutions with energy efficient operations and long-term life cycles.
  • Performance Guarantee – We guarantee that our modular clean rooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.


Our Turnkey Cleanroom Process


Modular Cleanroom Designs

  • Direct-Ducted Terminal Units
  • Fan Filter Units
  • Pressure Plenums
  • Negative Air Plenums
  • Primary/Secondary Air Delivery
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Unidirectional Air Flow
  • Dilution Air Flow


Modular Cleanroom Mechanical Systems

  • Chilled Water Systems
  • DX Systems
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Steam Systems
  • Heat/Cooling Recovery Systems
  • RODI Water Systems
  • High Purity Gas Piping
  • Carbon Filtration
  • Exhaust Systems
  • DDC Systems
  • Fume Hood Control Systems
  • Various Air Handling Systems


Modular Cleanroom Classifications

Precision Cleanrooms’ modular cleanrooms are designed to meet your ISO classification requirements. With our gasket ceiling grid and flush wall panels, we can achieve your desired modular cleanroom particulate levels:

  • Class 1 / ISO 3
  • Class 10 / ISO 4
  • Class 100 / ISO 5
  • Class 1,000 / ISO 6
  • Class 10,000 / ISO 7
  • Class 100,000 / ISO 8

Modular CleanroomTurnkey Modular Cleanrooms Implemented:

Modular Cleanroom

Our expertise in modular cleanroom design and manufacturing, together with our commitment to customer support, enables us to provide world-class modular cleanroom solutions to diverse markets around the world.

A2LA 17025 Accredited Cleanroom Design/Build Company
Precision Cleanrooms is an A2LA 17025 Accredited provider of customized cleanroom solutions, specializing in the design, construction and certification of modular cleanroom environments. Precision Cleanrooms is a division of Precision Environments Inc.

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