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End-to-End Cleanroom Services

Precision Cleanrooms’ end-to-end cleanroom service offering covers the entire cleanroom implementation process, from concept to certification, followed by ongoing maintenance to ensure safety and performance. With over 30 years of experience, we will support you where you need us most by assisting in any phase of the cleanroom development process.

gigafactory cleanroom concept planning

Cleanroom Concept & Planning

Our team conducts engineering site visits to identify all specific and unique projects requirements including business imperatives, processes, space utilization, and desired goals. We prepare a plan based on these project specifications as well as regulatory, compliance, and classification requirements.

gigafactory cleanroom Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Regulatory & Compliance Consulting

Our subject matter experts are well versed in regulatory requirements for specialty cleanrooms. Our team ensures that your modular cleanroom design and layout, equipment and materials, personnel, and material flow — is built to your industry’s specifications and meets regulatory requirements.

gigafactory cleanroom design engineering

Cleanroom Engineering & Design

Our engineering and design team understands and balances our clients’ requirements with local and national building codes, as well as with plant, industry, and regulatory standards We employ an interactive and collaborative cleanroom design philosophy with a focus on efficiency, compliance, and scalability.

gigafactory cleanroom construction project management

Cleanroom Construction Management

We assign a highly skilled cleanroom construction management team to manage all aspects of the project from concept through certification. Our team provides valuable input into both estimating cost efficiency and engineering design efficiency to ensure constructability with a priority on schedule, quality, and safety.

gigafactory cleanroom certification

Cleanroom Analysis & Certification

Our team is committed to compliance with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies (IEST), and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We offer a range of certification services and guarantee compliance to the scoped level of certification.

gigafactory cleanroom service and maintenance

Cleanroom Maintenance & Service

Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your modular cleanroom is maintained, and reliable and efficient operations are ongoing. Scheduled cleanroom maintenance packages and emergency response services are available 24/7 including calibration and recertification offerings, and emergency response services.

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