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Turnkey Semiconductor Cleanrooms from Concept to Certification

In the semiconductor cleanroom industry, cleanroom contamination is the primary cause of production failure and therefore requires the highest level of contamination control. Precision Environments’ Semiconductor cleanrooms are engineered, designed, and built for the virtual elimination of all contaminants including out-gassing, particulate, ammonia, ammine, toxic gas, and static while maintaining a production type environment.

Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Semiconductor manufacturing facilities must conform to the most rigorous protocol. As a wafer is sent through the semiconductor production facility, it can pass through as many as 200 different steps. These essential processes include depositing films of various materials, then etching them to form transistors and copper wiring. Precision Environments designs, engineers, and installs all semiconductor cleanroom features, including tool bulkheads, process utilities and full-service integration, to meet this rigorous protocol.


Semiconductor Cleanrooms

Semiconductor Cleanroom Features

  • Gas Cabinets
  • Gas Panels
  • High Purity Piping
  • Air Pollution Control Systems
  • N2 Generators
  • Deionized Water Systems
  • Hazardous Gas Detection Systems

Semiconductor Cleanroom Types

  • Bay and Chase Semiconductor Clean Room Design Configuration
  • Ballroom Semiconductor Clean Room Design Configuration
  • Direct Ducted
  • Terminal Unit
  • Fan Filter
  • Pressure Plenum
  • Negative Plenum
  • Raised Floors
  • Scrubbed Exhaust Systems
  • Primary/Secondary Air Delivery Systems
  • Laminar Air Flow
  • Uni-directional Air Flow
  • Dilution Air Flow
  • Online Particle Monitoring Systems
  • House Vacuum Systems

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