Cleanroom Planning & Budgeting

Cleanroom Planning and Budgeting

Cleanroom Planning and Budgeting

The first step to implementing a high-performing cleanroom environment is planning and budgeting. Precision Cleanrooms has been delivering successful cleanroom products and services to world-class companies for over 20 years. Our vast experience allows us to accurately plan and budget for your cleanroom initiative. Precision Cleanrooms’ engineers are able to reflect on the many successful client initiatives to provide mission-critical planning and budgeting services, guaranteeing cleanroom performance.

Precision Cleanrooms’ engineers conduct site visits to understand requirements, identify contamination issues and review site locations for space utilization. To deliver the perfect turnkey modular cleanroom solution and prevent over-specification, our engineers and project managers work interactively with our customers, identifying requirements to fully understanding the purpose of the customer’s cleanroom needs and business imperatives. Our cleanroom planning and budgeting teams provide customers with detailed estimates, not cost-per-square-foot quotes.

Cleanroom Planning and Budgeting Company Process

  1. Understand the business imperatives, process, desired goals and requirements
  2. Analyze cleanroom layout to determine people processes and product flow
  3. Scope cleanroom cleanliness classification
  4. Identify cleanroom positive/negative space pressure
  5. Determine cleanroom environmental airflow supply
  6. Perform cleanroom exfiltration flow assessment
  7. Verify space air balance
  8. Assess all variables and use cases
  9. Plan mechanical system layout
  10. Calculate heating and cooling
  11. Guarantee spatial requirements

Contact Precision Cleanrooms today for any of your cleanroom budgeting and planning needs. Precision Cleanrooms’ turnkey offerings promise a detailed interactive process with performance guarantee. Click here to contact us

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A2LA 17025 Accredited Cleanroom Design/Build Company
Precision Cleanrooms is an A2LA 17025 Accredited provider of customized cleanroom solutions, specializing in the design, construction and certification of modular cleanroom environments. Precision Cleanrooms is a division of Precision Environments Inc.

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