ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Cleanroom Fab

Plan, Design, Build, and certify ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Cleanroom fab facility.

ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Cleanroom Implementation Details

Design, Build and Certification of an ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Facility

Precision Cleanrooms’ ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Cleanroom applications are design and built to protect your products, maximize throughput, and safeguard process integrity. We evaluate your production process, aerosol flows, deposition process, and the risk of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and particles on your production process to prescribe a custom solution that is right fit for your business and your production process. Contact us today to learn more about how we partner with our customers to plan, design, and commission a custom ISO class 5 semiconductor cleanroom fab facility to house your production processes.

Semiconductor Cleanroom Fab Information:

Scope of Work – Delivered by Precision Cleanrooms: Complete engineering, equipment, materials, project management, professional installation, cleanroom certification, start up, permits, and a one year warranty for repair or replacement of any defective equipment or workmanship by Precision Cleanrooms. Training and protocol assignment. Turnkey ISO Class 5 Semiconductor Cleanroom Fab

 Client: Microelectronics Semiconductor Manufacturing and Packaging

Location: North Eastern United States

Industry: Microelectronics Industry

Cleanroom Type: ISO 5 (CLASS 100) Semiconductor Modular Cleanroom

Semiconductor Fab Cleanroom Engineering & Design By: Precision Cleanrooms

Assembled & Installed by: Precision Cleanrooms

Project Highlights:

Cleanliness Class: The ISO Class 5 Semiconductor cleanroom facility was designed in accordance to ISO14644-1 standards for compliance to ISO 5 (Class 100).

Scalability: Cleanroom designed and manufactured using modular prefabricated posts and panels to permit partial disassembly for future expansion.

Cleanroom Mechanical Controls: Precise temperature control, humidity control, particulate control, air conditioning, air distribution and positive pressurization.

Cleanroom Structure: Cleanroom constructed utilizing modular wall system designed for installation directly on top of the raised flooring system. The cleanroom ceiling system is supported from the building structure.

Cleanroom Floor: The cleanroom has a 2-foot raised cleanroom flooring system used for return air.  

Cleanroom Air Flow: The supply air mixing plenumn is on top of the cleanroom. Conditioned air is supplied from the air handler on the building roof, down to the air plenum via ductwork. Air is supplied into the cleanroom through fan-powered HEPA filters. Air is returned through one return plenum located under the raised floor to the service chases.

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