Biotech Cleanroom Facilities

Precision Cleanrooms based in the USA, is a leader in innovative turnkey cleanroom delivery, including: cleanroom planning, biotech cleanroom design, biotech cleanroom construction and biotech cleanroom certification. Precision Cleanrooms turnkey offering covers the entire cleanroom implementation process, from concept to certification. With extensive cross-market industry knowledge, we deliver high-performing modular biopharmaceutical cleanroom environments that enhance your business results.

cGMP compliant validated cleanrooms for Biotech and Pharmaceutical clients

Built to the highest level of bio-contamination control, our biotech cleanrooms are able to be used as pilot plants and then converted directly into production suites, with no change in the facility itself. All materials used in construction are the industry finest in bio-contamination control and compliance to the highest standards. Our cGMP compliant validated biotech cleanrooms are delivered by our in-house engineering, design and construction management staff, ensuring your biotech cleanroom is delivered to meet cost, schedule and operational requirements. We guarantee that our cleanrooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.


Built for Compliance

All cleanrooms designed, built and warrantied by Precision Cleanrooms are compliant with ISO 14644-1 standards.

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee that our cleanrooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Proven Track Record

Over 28 years of quantifiable success in the design, engineering and construction of turnkey cleanroom environments.

Biopharmaceutical Cleanrooms

Our pharmaceutical cleanrooms are compliant to all North American, European and Japanese regulations. They are also 21CFR Part 11 compliant, when applicable. These cleanrooms are designed and built to eliminate cross-contamination and bio-growth by using the highest quality materials.

A2LA 17025 Accredited Cleanroom Design/Build Company
Precision Cleanrooms is an A2LA 17025 Accredited provider of customized cleanroom solutions, specializing in the design, construction and certification of modular cleanroom environments. Precision Cleanrooms is a division of Precision Environments Inc.

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