Sterile Packaging Cleanroom

Design/Build Turnkey Medical Device Sterile Packaging Cleanroom

Sterile Packaging Cleanroom Implementation Details

Sterile Packaging Cleanroom Information:

Client: Sterile Packaging Cleanroom

Location: Indiana

Industry: Medical Device Manufacturing

Cleanroom Type: Medical Devices Manufacturing Cleanroom

Size: 4,042 sq. ft.

Designed By: Precision Environments, Inc. – Precision Cleanrooms

Installed By: Precision Environments, Inc. – Precision Cleanrooms

Cleanliness Class: ISO-7

Project Highlights:

  • Ceiling height: 9’-0”

  • Cleanliness: Cleanroom Suite – ISO 7

  • Air changes: as required to meet ISO 7

  • Pressurization: Positive

  • Temperature: 68 degrees F

  • Humidity: human comfort

  • Personnel: 8 (estimated)

  • Lighting: 80 FC

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