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Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom Design & Engineering

The second step to implementing a successful modular cleanroom environment is cleanroom design and engineering. Precision Cleanrooms’ engineering and design team has 24 years of experience designing turnkey cleanrooms for a wide variety of markets. Our process includes structural design, architectural design, mechanical design, control systems and electrical system design. Our engineers understand and balance the customers’ requirements with local and national codes to accomplish the perfect cleanroom design. Our cleanroom design and engineer team develops your cleanroom blueprints with a focus on efficiency, compliance and scalability. Precision Cleanrooms guarantees the performance of all its cleanroom designs.

Cleanroom Design Company Process

cleanroom design

We deliver modular cleanroom designs that are customized for your business goals. Our cleanroom designs specify the following features:

  1. Cleanroom Environmental Analysis
  2. Cleanroom Architectural Design
  3. Structural Design & Components
  4. Mechanical System Design
  5. Cleanroom Controls
  6. Cleanroom Electrical System Design
  7. Cleanroom HVAC &Airflow Design

Cleanroom Engineering Company Benefits

Clean Room Design

Precision Cleanrooms’ interactive cleanroom design philosophy – from the business owner’s point of view

  • Precision Cleanrooms works directly with the customer collaboratively, ensuring the cleanroom solution performs to the fullest and achieves all of the customer’s goals.
  • The engineering and cleanroom design team has over 24 years experience in structural design, architectural design, mechanical design, control systems and electrical design.
  • Our cleanrooms deliver affordable first and operational costs, constructability and serviceability.
  • Our cleanroom are built to local and national codes.
  • We obtain all necessary permits.
  • Our design/build turnkey solution provides single-source responsibility for cleanroom performance, providing fast-track scheduling, cost-effective delivery and time-sensitive delivery.
  • Our cleanroom designs are compliant to cGMP, GMP European Standards for Sterile Injectables and/or FDA standards.
  • Precision Cleanrooms’ control systems are compliant to FDA CFR 21 Part II.
  • We utilize good engineering practices that comply with local and national codes, plant standards, industry standards and regulatory standards.
  • Our cleanrooms are scalable and consider all potential process and workflow variables.
  • We offer a cleanroom performance guarantee.

Cleanroom Design

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Contact Precision Cleanrooms today for the construction of your cleanroom. Precision Cleanrooms’ turnkey offerings promise a detailed interactive process with performance guarantee.
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A2LA Accredited Cleanroom Contractor
Precision Cleanrooms is a turnkey modular cleanroom design/build company with A2LA 17025 accreditation. Precision Cleanrooms is a division of Precision Environments Inc.

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