Electronics Modular Cleanroom

Design/Build Turnkey Electronics Modular Cleanroom

Modular Cleanroom Implementation Details

Modular Cleanroom Information:

Client: Agilent Technologies

Location: Penang, Malaysia

Industry: Electronics

Cleanroom Type: Electronics Cleanrooms

Size: 33’ x 24’ x 12’ nominal with 10’ ceiling height

Designed By: Precision Cleanrooms

Installed By: Precision Cleanrooms

Cleanliness Class: Class 10,000 Cleanroom

Project Highlights:

  • Precise temperature humidity control
  • EMI & RFI attenuation
  • Cleanroom mechanical design and installation
  • Cleanroom electrical design and installation
  • Free standing cleanroom
  • Cleanroom structural design and installation
  • Cleanroom control system design and installation
  • Pressurized Plenum air delivery system
  • ISO 17025 temperature testing
  • Cleanroom testing and certification
  • ESD-rated flooring

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