Cleanroom Process

From concept to certification, Precision Cleanrooms delivers world-class turnkey cleanroom services. Our cleanroom process covers all steps in the delivery of a high performing cleanroom environment, assuring that your cleanroom project is delivered on time and fulfills the specifications and certifications necessary to achieve optimal performance. Our cleanroom process is concluded with our satisfaction guarantee – We guarantee that our cleanrooms meet your project requirements and exceed your expectations for quality and service.

Our Turnkey Cleanroom Process

Cleanroom Planning and Budgeting

Precision Cleanrooms’ engineers conduct site visits to understand process and personnel flow through the proposed cleanroom suite for potential cross contamination issues. The build site is reviewed for space utilization and design requirements. Our engineers work with our customers, identifying specific or unique requirements and cleanroom classification.
Cleanroom Planning and Budgeting


Cleanroom Design

With over 25 years of experience in architectural, structural, mechanical, control systems and electrical design, our engineering team designs your cleanroom to your custom requirements. We develop your cleanroom blueprints with a focus on efficiency, compliance and scalability.
Cleanroom Design

Cleanroom Construction and Installation

Precision Cleanrooms’ construction team includes an operations manager, project manager and construction manager. Our cleanroom construction process is managed to maintain or accelerate schedule, quality and safety. A Precision Cleanrooms’ manager is always on site to assist you in any needs you might have during the construction process.
Cleanroom Construction and Installation


Cleanroom Certification

Precision Cleanrooms concludes all testing with comprehensive reports, detailing test procedures and test results. All cleanroom testing is performed in accordance and is compliant with Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), Institute of Environmental Sciences Technologies (IEST) and International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Certification is conducted by a third party testing agency and Precision Cleanrooms guarantees compliance to the level of certification specified in the project.
Cleanroom Certification

Cleanroom Training

Precision Cleanrooms offers full training for staff to maintain cleanliness protocols, proper operation of mechanical systems, overall operation of the cleanroom and use of any control systems installed.

Cleanroom Service

Service agreements are available to ensure the environmental performance of the cleanroom suite, while extending the life of the mechanical equipment.

Cleanroom Company Contact

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