Is your Cleanroom Supplier Fit for Purpose?

It is important to understand the cleanroom industry to make an informed decision as to who to partner with on your next cleanroom project. Precision Cleanrooms is neither a manufacturer of any components, nor a distributor. We have a vast supplier network and can select the appropriate materials for our customers’ application. With our in-house engineering and project management resources, we provide a comprehensive, consultative design/build cleanroom solution, customized to meet the regulatory and performance requirements of any industry.

Modular Cleanrooms Play Key Role in Pandemic Response

With the arrival of the Pandemic in 2020, cleanroom solutions are proving to play a key-role in our national response to the deadly virus. To date, there have been 8.8 Million Covid-19 cases and 227,000 deaths in the United States alone. It is undoubtedly of great importance that we develop vaccines, medicines, and other critical products rapidly. One example of how we can respond quickly is by taking advantage of modular cleanroom solutions that serve our Life Sciences industry.

Fast Tracking a COVID-19 Vaccine

As our nation’s top scientists work tirelessly to develop a COVID-19 vaccine, the federal government, R&D groups and the pharmaceutical industry are working collaboratively to ensure our supply chain is ready to scale up production to meet the tremendous demand. Creating billions of doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is a herculean task.

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